Developed in 2015, Stockéo® is a brand of the DM2F Group specialized in the transformation of
metals in sheets and slit reels, cutting, stamping, sheet metal, welding,
design and assembly.
Lightweight, robust, stackable on 3 heights, reusable at will, they reduce
transportation costs and facilitate handling.
Built to last, our Stockeo® aluminum pallets are of
exemplary manufacturing. They perfectly meet your expectations, whatever
your logistics circuit.

Notre histoire

The group DM2F,
it is a dynamic of research and innovation
with the filing of patents and the creation of products
exclusive and efficient, especially for the logistics sector.

  Standard pallets High pallets Other
RPA001 RPA002 RPA008 RPA010
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1218 x786 x840 1218x786x840 1218x786x1130 1218x 786 x1130  Consult us
Weight (kg) 27 21 24 24
Stackable pallets
Unfolded / FOLDED
3/8 3/8 2/8 2/8
Max load / pallet / level (kg) 450 550
Stackable pallets
99/264 99/264 66/264 66/264
Frame cross member (mm) 1175 1179 1175 1175
Clevis thickness (mm) 5 4 4 4
Amount with throat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of floorboards 3 (wide) 4 4 4
Types of feet & skates Short mounted screwed
Label holder Option Option With With
Tidal option No In development In development In development
Tarpaulin option Possible Possible Yes (only sides) Possible

A design, dimensions, material … thought for:

  • Optimize loads
  • Secure goods
  • Limit handling
  • Withstand heavy loads
  • Generate less waste
  • Combine reuse and recyclin
  • Have a better carbon footprint
  • Gerber a wooden or plastic pallet *